Under the high patronage of Mr. Minister of Industry and Mines and the Minister of Trade The National Organization of Book Publishers organizes The International Book Industry Fair
« Bookprod »
From October 29 to November 2, 2016 in the room "Bahdja" exhibition center (SAFEX), Pins Maritimes – Algiers

The book economy has undergone several significant changes worldwide; manufacturing, too, has experienced many technical revolutions to digital printing oflarge print run...
In Algeria, the book industry is growing, although it is moving in a context of declining readership, of skilled labor deficiency for all the actors of the graphic chain and a distribution market the extent and the regulation can be improved substantially.
The infrastructure of the production of the book has moreover weakened by the effects of the national and global economic crisis. Nevertheless, it is accepted that the public order book remains the largest in North Africa and the Middle East, with forecasts of continued demand through 2020, including provision of university libraries and public libraries.
The opening of the textbook to private developers is also an important motivation for retrofitting.

The book, as the main vehicle of culture, mobilizes a series of trades in which the government will have to best set the correct partition.

The first edition of Bookprod, International Exhibition of the book industry, launched by the National Organization of book publishers (ONEL), proposes to allow the actors to the production line of the book to be aware of new technologies in the sector, evaluating the various offers of equipment and services, but also to reflect, discuss and share best practices to promote the book industry.
In addition to the exhibition of equipment and tools for innovation in the production of the book, it is proposed scientific meetings allowing participants to feed their reflection to adjust their approach, or to promote new projects.
For this purpose the organizers of the first edition of Bookprod offer thematic conferences days, supported by workshops to transform the collective reflections on recommendations that will be brought to the institutions to translate into operational decisions.
The contribution of all is strongly sought in the interests of the profession and cultural promotion.